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Welcome to Courtney-Winters Funeral Home, the only full service funeral home in the Drumheller Valley and surrounding areas. We are local people providing care to local people.

The loss of a loved one is a difficult and challenging time; and if the pain of grief isn't enough, it is also a time when there are many decisions to be made and many details to determine. Our Care Team is a group of trained and educated professionals all of whom are compassionate, respectful and understanding. We are here to provide comfort and help you through this difficult time.

At Courtney-Winters we recognize that every family is unique and every family has its own needs. Whether you desire a full traditional funeral; a simpler memorial service or perhaps a discussion on pre-planning your own funeral we are here to help; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our Care Team is here for you whenever you need; always honoured to be of service.

Please call us any time. It is our honour to be of service to the Drumheller and surrounding communities.

  PINKUS, Helen December 6, 2016
  DUDLEY, Scott Bradford December 5, 2016
  HOTVEDT, Bernard Garry December 3, 2016
  LOWES, Verdel Lyla December 3, 2016
  MOELLER, Caroline Anne December 3, 2016
  BLACK, Jean Harriett December 2, 2016
  WILSON, Alice Margaret November 30, 2016
  HERRON, Eileen Joyce November 20, 2016
  EARL, Edward Charles (Ted) November 18, 2016
  RASMUSSEN, Maryann November 12, 2016
  SIEPPERT , Ivan November 9, 2016
  LETOURNEAU, Linda Rosetta Irene November 5, 2016
  MACY, John Albert November 4, 2016
  HAYES, Marjorie Laureen November 1, 2016
  BOESE, Darrell Dwight October 31, 2016
  GORDON, Daniel George October 28, 2016
  DODD, Archie Charles October 27, 2016
  SPARROW, Patrick Charles October 22, 2016
  BERGMAN, Frances Cordiner October 19, 2016
  COE, Richard (Dick) E. October 15, 2016
  HUNTER, Shirley Mae October 15, 2016
  BEATON, Lois Rae October 14, 2016
  ROWE, John Shelvock October 14, 2016
  BIXBY, Norman George (Bud) October 11, 2016
  SLEMKO, Mike October 8, 2016
  O'LEARY, Mark Robert October 6, 2016
  STEVENS, Donald October 5, 2016
  POZZOLO, Debbie Marie October 4, 2016
  BLASKEN, Gerry James October 3, 2016
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